2010 Construction

Construction Details

2016 Construction

In 2016, construction activities will include:

Bridge Improvements

  • Forked Creek - Wilmington
  • Kankakee River - Wilmington
  • Water Street - Wilmington
  • Route 16 - Shipman

Siding Reconstruction

  • Dwight

New Siding Construction

  • Braidwood to Mazonia
  • Normal
  • Shipman to Godfrey

New or Shifted Track Installation

  • Joliet
  • Wilmington
  • Normal
  • Elkhart

Grade Crossing Improvements

  • Upgraded crossing warning devices to four quadrant railroad gates
  • Warning devices at pedestrian crossing locations
  • Fencing at locations with pedestrian use, or evidence of trespass, for increased safety
  • Crossing roadway improvements as needed

Additional projects including Springfield 3rd Street and station improvements along the HSR corridor will take place in 2016 and 2017.


Safety is a key initiative of the HSR Program. To increase safety for pedestrians in the corridor, fencing will be installed within urban areas and select rural areas. The fencing will typically be placed within the railroad’s right-of-way. Tree and brush clearing will take place this year in preparation for the fencing installation.

Grade Crossing and Roadway Improvements

As part of the HSR Program, improvements will be made to at-grade crossings located throughout the Chicago to St. Louis corridor. At times, this work will also require that additional improvements be made to the adjacent roadways in order to improve safe travel around local streets. Roadway improvements anticipated at these particular crossings may include work adjacent to tracks; improvement of roadway approaches to the railroad crossing; new medians and sidewalks; culvert and drainage ditch improvements; curb and shoulder work to tie into existing roadway(s); and new pavement markings and signage. Temporary grade crossing closures may be needed in order to complete this work and will be coordinated with local communities.
A listing of crossing closures can be found here.

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