Doing Business

If there are questions regarding
construction opportunities or the process please contact:

1-855 IDOT HSR (436-8477)

Illinois Department of Transportation
Office of Intermodal Project Implementation
69 West Washington Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602

If there are questions regarding other IDOT opportunities for minority-owned, women-owned and other disadvantaged small businesses in IDOT's federal and state funded highway, transit, and airport contracts, please contact:

Illinois Department of Transportation
DBE Working Capital Revolving Loan Program
(217) 782-5490


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Bidding Process

Thank you for your interest in business opportunities with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). The bidding process for both organizations will require prequalification. Please follow the guidelines outlined for IDOT and UPRR. Please note the UPRR will require contractors to be prequalified for each High-Speed Rail (HSR) opportunity.

Additionally, minority-owned and women-owned companies are required to receive certification through IDOT for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification (DBE) program.  IDOT fosters equal opportunity for minority-owned, women-owned and other DBEs in IDOT’s federal and state-funded contracts.

Current Business Opportunities Process:

  1. Prime contractors have 30 days to become prequalified for each business opportunity (see Prequalification Notices).
  2. After the 30 day period, a list of prequalified prime contractors information will become available on the HSR Current Business Opportunities page of this website.
  3. Once the prime contractors' information is available, the sub-consultants/DBE's have the opportunity to market their services and to contact the prequalified prime contractors for inclusion in a particular bidding opportunity.
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